Why You Shouldn’t Eat Your Seats

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on March 17th, 2011

International blogs are going crazy over a story recently published by Ghana Web titled “Poison You Drink & Wear” – which basically says that polyvinyl chloride, the third most widely produced plastic (found in everything from floor tiles to vinyl seat covers) poses a danger to those exposed.

Ghana Web writes:

International studies carried out by reputable scientists has confirm that Polyvinyl chloride can cause cancer, birth defects, genetic changes, chronic bronchitis, ulcers, skin diseases, deafness, vision failure, indigestion, and liver dysfunction.

In fact, it’s true. Polyvinyl chloride is dangerous, but only if consumed – a fact that Ghana Web only quickly breezes over (probably because it take away from the article’s fear mongering.)

Health officials in the U.S., for example, warn folks to not overuse water bottles – as the plastics used to form them can leak into liquid and pose health risks if repeatedly ingested. However, many of the examples listed in the article (like shower curtains, garden hoses and auto upholstery) are seldom eaten or even used to cover food.

So will vinyl seat covers kill you? Not unless you eat or smoke them.

Still, this article makes a terrific sales pitch for auto trimmers looking to sell leather upgrades to weary customers. Think about it: Yeah these vinyl seat covers are nice, but they’ll give you chronic bronchitis… better splurge for the leather instead.

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