Is Spray-on Upholstery the Future?

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on December 7th, 2011

If the above video is any indication to what the future holds for fabrics, then yes – quite possibly.

Spanish fashionisto Manel Torres teamed up with scientists at Imperial College London to invent a silly-string-like spray that is actually short fibers (wool, linen or acrylic) mixed with polymers. When dissolved in solvent, the scientists are able to spray the fibers from an aerosol can or high-pressure air gun. The fibers then bond, dry and turn into fabric in the shape in which they were sprayed. Best of all, the fabrics created can be washed and reused or even dissolved again to start a new project from scratch.

Torres is currently experimenting with the spray-on fibers to create clothes, medical bandages and upholstery.

Amazed? Join the club.

The Haartz Corporation

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  1. Naseem Muaddi says:

    That’s amazing! It seems like that technology is in the beginning phase, but I can see the potential. I can’t wait for them to perfect it.

  2. Nadeem says:

    I agree – it does look amazing! Though our readers – being the jokesters that they are – were more interested in the woman in the video than the actual technology.

    Their comments about this post (published on another upholstery forum) are below:

    SHHR: I’m Disappointed! The video showed the girl after the application and the Guy Before 🙁

    kodydog: Thanks for the video HogRing. Think I’ll “stick” to t-shirt and jeans.

    gene: I’ll need to see that demonstration with a much bigger boobed woman before I can render an opinion.

    If this works for upholstery, we could do upholstery in the home. We would no longer need a shop.

    If a pesky little dog is bothering you while you’re spraying on new upholstery? Just spray the little dog a new sweater, along with a nice fabric muzzle. Don’t forget to match the stripes on the muzzle with the stripes on the sweater.

    Don’t forget to have your pets “sprayed” and neutered!

    ibstichen: hmmmmmm…wonder if they will put the solvent in a spray can? Now that could be fun! 🙂

    Joys Shop: Did you notice that it can “be dissolved with the same solvent”

    I can see it now, people (men) running up behind women with the spray solvent

  3. carolinaauto says:

    That is truly amazing. Not sure on durablity, but if it could hold up on auto, the possibilities are endless for interiors. changing the interior color every 3 motnhs. Wonder how well it would hold up to the sewing maching.

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