The Must-Have Adhesive for Trim Shops

Published by Naseem Muaddi on February 9th, 2012

It sounds cliché, but they really don’t build cars like they used to. With all the plastic moldings and trim in today’s cabins, they feel more like Hot Wheels than automobiles. And, as we all know, toys invariably break.

Last week, though, I discovered Q-Bond – a strong and quick-working adhesive that saved my hide.

I’m sure you’ve all been in similar situations: I was installing a convertible top on an older Porsche when I noticed that its plastic guide pin was cracked. In fact, the tip was barely hanging on. After an exhaustive search to find a replacement part turned up nothing, I headed to a local body-supply shop to find an adhesive strong enough to fix a part that’s going to take a lot of abuse.

The salesman swore by a product called Q-Bond – saying that it worked on both plastic and metal. At first, I was skeptical because I’ve tried it all – hot glue, JB Weld, Crest Rigid Red and every other two-part epoxy you can name. But after giving it a shot on the plastic guide pin, I have to admit that Q-Bond takes the cake!

To use Q-Bond, simply glue the broken item back together with the superglue included in the kit. Then, pour a small amount of Q-Bond‘s specially formulated powder over the backside of the damaged area. Afterwards, place a few drops of the superglue on the powder and watch as it instantly dries – creating a solid and trustworthy repair.

I bought my Q-Bond kit for $15.00 and it was well worth it. Not having a job tied up for hours while waiting for an adhesive to dry is invaluable to a trimmer like myself.

Take it from me, Q-Bond is a must-have adhesive for all trim shops.

The Haartz Corporation

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  1. ryan patton says:

    Q gotta be kidding me were was this article last week! Bond Q Bond it is!!

  2. Jacoby says:

    That is awesome stuff. I always keep some handy in case I bust something :/

  3. Nadeem says:

    Here are some other comments left about this article in another upholstery forum:

    JuneC: I’ve never tried Q-bond, but you need to look into Weld-On for really tough adhesive jobs. There’s a Weld-On formula for just about anything (to anything). I’ve had boat hatch manufacturers tell me that the hatch dog (the lever handle that is glued to the Lexan and you turn it to keep the hatch from opening) has to be sonic welded to the hatch, and the correct Weld-On adhesive will vulcanize the two surfaces. You typically have to go to a specialty plastics mfr to get the product (not at Home Depot) but it works like nothing else. You have to know what it is you’re joining, but it’s an unbelievable product set.

    Amazing stuff it is…

    Mojo: I get very leery of any glue’s down here in Florida. It seems the Florida sun can take even the best of glues and soften them. That is why I no longer use adhesive type velcro. I used it once on solar screens and that summer the sun melted the glue into a liquid and it ran right down the solar screen.

    I am sure the stuff you talk about June would be fine but some glues, while excellent in other parts of the USA are completely useless in Florida. It must be because we are closer to the equator or something but the sun down here is horribly hot.

    The Hog Ring: Thanks for the tip June, I’ll definitely look into Weld-On! It sounds mighty impressive.

    Mojo, I guess it’s all about knowing your environment. In your case, it probably makes more sense to order a whole new part (if you can) than using an adhesive. Fortunately, it doesn’t get as hot as Florida up here in Philadelphia.

    Mojo: I am always amazed at the differences of materials that so,me use and those we use down here. I have had to rely on Mike and June to guide me with some materials and when it comes to fabrics I rely heavily on MiamiMike to steer me in the right direction.

    With some materials that work great in other locations we can use the same thing here and it wont last 6 months. The sun, is hot as hell down here and the UV ray index is miserable. Combine that with our high humidity and ocean air and you have a complete different set of circumstances and requirements.

  4. Syd Trimmer says:

    Will Q-Bond join ceramics?

  5. Manny says:

    Better yet for a skinny line of contact surface setting time is 3 mins.

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