Photo: French-Seam Piping

Published by Naseem Muaddi on June 6th, 2012

You’ve seen French seams. You’ve seen piping. But have you ever seen the two styles combined?

You can achieve this unique look by procuring a twin-needle piping foot like the one featured on this Dürkopp Adler sewing machine. These types of feet are not easy to find, but an industrial-sewing supply shop can help you get one.

Why not give it a shot? French-seam piping is a sure-fire way to make your next set of seat covers stand out.

The Haartz Corporation

12 Responses

  1. sasquatch094 says:

    i wonder how it would do going around corners as far as the stitching being even on each side?

  2. frozen-stitches says:

    I wonder if it can be done with a single needle machine. I prefer to do French seams in that fashion even though we have a double needle.

    • I do my French seams with a single needle as well. I’m sure this can be done with a single needle but I wonder if the selvage is actually separated on either side of the piping.

  3. I have seen this done with a single needle machine. Another option is welting with a single top stitch, which came on early Ford Mustangs.

    It is a nice way to change up the regular!

  4. Although doing a french seam with welt is not difficult with a single needle machine, It would be nice to have that style of machine set up. What is the Model # of that machine? Looks like it has a raised needle plate.

  5. Ed Green says:

    I have done this for years, it is nice however to see a foot being manufactured for the purpos. A single needle works fine though

  6. Retired… Like The Stiching And The Machine Doing It, Whats The Machine And Model #?

  7. Tshepiso Nkone says:

    i need the quotation of this machine

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