Photo: How Seat Covers are Sold in China

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on December 10th, 2012

Car News China published this photo, along with a brief description, explaining that vehicle seat covers are commonly sold on the side of roads in China.

The site’s editors wrote:

Chinese car buyers dig ugly seat covers, mostly in bright colors made from fake wool. It is very common to see a 2 million yuan BMW fitted with 200 yuan covers. Chinese car buyers do so to protect the original leather, and they don’t care about missing the comfort.

Seat covers are available everywhere, in supermarkets, car part markets, and along the road. This shop in the countryside north of Beijing sold fine seat covers for 150 a piece, bench of 200, whole set for 450. [more]

For the record, 200 Chinese yuan converts to roughly $32 USD – which is still more expensive than what Walmart charges.

The Haartz Corporation

3 Responses

  1. Gjudd says:

    You can also buy cheap leather covers from china for the fraction of the price of anywhere else!

    The leather is poor compared to england standards but for the price you can’t knock it!

    full leather cover with all the specific retaining clips ready to fit…Q3 Audi

  2. How do they hold up long-term?

  3. Gjudd says:

    To be honest there very good (for the price), in the years and years i’ve fitted them theres only been a few split seams, drivers seat base covers replaced under warranty due to knackered seat foams all pretty std seat cover stuff be it bmw or cheap Chinese kits!

    due to the leather quality thay need to be kept clean or the dirt/grime does the surface no favours

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