Warning: Before Ordering Convertible Tops Online

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on April 22nd, 2014

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Damaged Convertible Top

The Hog Ring is geared toward professional auto upholsterers, not the DIY or hobbyist communities. However, we’re going to make an exception to publish the following warning — issued by Electron Top — to shoppers who aim to save a few bucks by ordering off-brand convertible tops online.

In a statement published on Electron Top‘s website, the company warns of how purchasing convertible tops online and bringing them to upholstery shops to install could backfire.

When you purchase a top online with the intention of bringing it to an upholsterer to install, it is similar to bringing your own food to a restaurant and asking them to cook it.

Upholsterers are usually owners and operators of their own business. They need to make money to stay in business, which includes a mark up on the products they carry, but this does not mean they are taking advantage of you.

The mark up they make on the products they trust insures you will receive a warrantee for the product they supply, they will be willing to handle any problems you may have in the future and they will do their best to make sure you are happy with the job they do.

Reputable Upholsterers are fair and interested in maintaining their reputation; it is best to let them get the product for you.

In addition, Upholsterers establish relationships with their manufacturers/suppliers. If something goes awry with the product they have recommended they have the responsibility of getting it taken care of with the manufacturer/supplier. What chance would you have?

The warning continues with a thorough explanation of what customers should do when they need a new convertible top and why purchasing one from an auto upholstery shop that works with a reputable manufacturer/supplier matters. Click here to read the full warning.

I’m going to print out the warning and hang it on the wall in our showroom.

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  1. 8-track says:

    I think upholstery shops should take a stand against manufacturers that sell to the general public, Stop purchasing from them and let them know that they are hurting themselves, the upholstery shop and the end user by selling to them directly. if the top they order is wrong or defective the customer will have to pay the upholstery shop again to remove and replace the top for warranty. This is frustrating to deal with.

  2. I agree 100% with 8-Track it’s very frustrating. I’m working with a friend in another state I flew out to help with an install. The customer purchased the top, unknow to us when we laid the top on to check size it was way off. We told the customer returned their top, ordered a new one only to find out that the Convertible top hardware had been repaired at a different shop and possibly came off a different year car. Information that would have been handy. DIY people truly have no clue what it takes. 3 different cars where put together to make one :-/ Frustrating

  3. Colleen says:

    This is an excellent article. We get this all the time, where customers think they are saving a buck or two by going on Ebay etc. to purchase tops, which usually are thin as tissue paper and can rip as your pulling it out of the box. Our company has put a stopped to customers who are doing this. I too will be posting this in our show room. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rick Fisher says:

    I will install customer purchased tops or seat covers, but I charge an extra “handling” fee & do not warenty anything but my own work & Not the work of the manufacturer or the fit.

  5. Main Street Upholstery says:

    I always “try” to explain that these tops do not fit right. And then every time I get back- “It’s guaranteed to fit”. It’s so frustrating. It’s like talking to a wall!

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