Compared to other automotive fields, the community of professional auto trimmers is small, insular and fairly disconnected. However, through new media and online social networking, we can change that.

The Hog Ring is the only industry news website and online community for auto upholstery professionals. Here we showcase designs, share tips and tricks of the trade, and discuss news that affects us all. We also network, forge friendships and help each other grow in our businesses and love for the craft.

Best of all, everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

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What’s The Hog Ring?

The Hog Ring is a website created by auto trimmers for auto trimmers – where industry professionals can read news, learn about new products, share ideas and connect. Think of us as a cross between a traditional trade journal and a social-networking site.

What’s the goal of The Hog Ring?

Our goal is to strengthen and advance the auto upholstery community. We do this by providing in-depth news coverage of the industry, a dynamic space for professionals to talk shop, and loads of resources for trimmers to utilize.

Who’s welcome to participate?

The Hog Ring is open to anyone who makes a living by repairing or customizing car interiors, as well as the manufacturers and suppliers who provide them with the resources to do so. We especially like to hear from folks who are passionate about what they do and have the best interest of the community at heart.

Who’s not welcome to participate?

Jerks, spammers and DIY-ers. We’re serious about keeping The Hog Ring a friendly and open space for professionals to connect. If you fall into any (or all three) of the prior categories, please refrain from posting on this website.

How can I get my work, product or service featured on The Hog Ring?

Just ask. We’re always looking for interesting things to write about. We’re especially keen on highlighting top-level craftsmanship and reviewing new products. If we like what you’re pitching and it falls within our scope, we’ll consider publishing an article about it.

Does The Hog Ring sell advertising space?

Yes, but only to manufacturers and suppliers whose values, products and services we believe in. Seriously, we have no qualms about turning down money from companies we can’t stand behind.

We currently offer companies two primary ways to connect with our audience: (1) by becoming a site sponsor and (2) advertising in our Industry Directory. For more information on either program, see our advertising page or email us at info@thehogring.com.

Who’s behind The Hog Ring?

An online community is only as strong as its members – so, in a sense, we all are.

More directly, though, The Hog Ring is managed by brothers Naseem and Nadeem Muaddi. We founded the site in 2010.

Naseem is owner and operator of Delaware County Auto Upholstery in Holmes, PA. He’s also a part-time writer. Nadeem is a full-time writer and part-time trimmer at Naseem’s shop.

We’ve been in the craft for all of our lives and even come from a long-line of trimmers. In fact, our father, five uncles and at least 10 cousins have all worked as trimmers at some point. We guess you can say that it’s in our blood.

How can I support The Hog Ring?

Read and share The Hog Ring’s articles, actively participate in its forum and visit often.

The more willing you are to share thoughts, tips and advice with one another, the more beneficial The Hog Ring will become to the community as a whole. Together, we can take this industry to new heights.

So what are you waiting for? Step into The Hog Ring!

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