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Alea Leather Specialist, Inc.

Contact: Chris Lodwick
Work 46981 Liberty Drive Wixom MI 48393 USA Work Phone: (248) 486-0300 Work Fax: (248) 486-0303 Website: Alea Leather


Alea Leather manufactures and distributes premium-quality leather seat covers and innovative car accessories throughout North America.

Cut from top-grade leather and sewn with exemplary attention to detail, every Alea seat cover is certain to provide OEM quality fit. What’s more, they’re available in a range of patterns, color combinations and innovative pleat designs that no other manufacturer offers.

Want more than seat covers? Alea also offers premium seat heaters (mesh and carbon fiber), headrest and roof-mounted DVD players, and stand-alone power sources for high-tech interiors that require extra juice.

Set up a business account today by calling toll-free: (877) 607-8943. You can also learn more about Alea‘s products and even design your own seat covers online at

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