Introducing Japan’s Toilet Seat Motorcycle

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on September 11th, 2012

In 2011, researchers at Queen Mary University in London made headlines when they discovered that car interiors carry more bacteria than public toilets. Apparently Toto Ltd., a Japanese toilet company, took that as a challenge – because it invented a toilet-seat motorcycle.

Toilet Bike Neo is the result of three years of research and development. It is an eco-friendly motorcycle powered by composted, organic waste. In other words, poop.

Of course, the actual bike won’t feature a toilet for a seat. The one pictured above was produced for marketing purposes only. Earth Techling explains:

I know what you’re thinking so I won’t leave you in suspense: no, the toilet bowl seat is not functional. … [T]he toilet-derived seat is just a rather blatant advertising device, but the Toilet Bike Neo is no farce. It really does run on excrement, but thankfully, not the rider’s. Rather the three-wheeled motorcycle’s 250cc engine is powered by fertilized, purified and compressed livestock waste and household wastewater from Shika-oi Town in Hokkaido and Kobe city. The organic material is transformed into biogas, which then powers the bike. [more]

While the motorcycle’s mpg rating has not been released, it did recently compete an 870-mile trek across Japan. As impressive as that sounds, I feel sorry for the folks who found themselves stuck behind it in traffic. Exhaust like that can make a driver’s stomach turn.

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  1. nojokekreationz says:

    OK at first i was going to say why waist your time.But then after reading it i see it not a bad idea. Its basically alternative fuel. As long as some one doesn’t try and save money and use there own crap then its a good idea..

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