10 Duct Tape DIY Upholstery Disasters

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on February 6th, 2012

Though duct tape can fix a lot of things, auto upholstery is not one of them. But that doesn’t stop people from trying.

Below are 10 photos of DIY duct tape repair disasters. They go beyond the typical torn seat to cracked dashboards, busted steering wheels and even convertible tops. Yeah they’re sad and pathetic, but they’re funny too!

As always, feel free to email The Hog Ring pictures of cars that come to your shop looking like hell. And don’t forget to tell us what you think of these disasters in the comments section below.

I find it hard to believe that only the window is leaking.

Time for a new backrest? Nope, time for new duct tape!

Because covering the entire seat in duct tape would’ve looked ridiculous.

See? Ridiculous.

…at least it’s all in one direction.

I guess that’s one way to fix a cracked dash.

Such a waste of perfectly good duct tape.

I wonder how the airbag will deploy.

Silver or pink plaid? The choice was easy.

Now that’s just impressive!

– Bonus Repair –

Notice the “Free WiFi” sign… now we know how their budget was spent.

The Haartz Corporation

19 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Who needs tuck and roll, when you can just get duct tape and roll!

  2. stitcher_guy says:

    Attention to detail is everything: The Impala owner actually put the logos BACK ON over the duct tape. I’d shake that man’s hand, but he probably has tape gummy all over his fingers.

  3. Keith says:

    “smooth duct tape — the sign of a true craftsman” – Red Green

  4. Jacoby says:

    I agree with stitcher_guy, the Impala top is the best of the worst. I wonder if the convertible top in the 2nd to last photo actually drops.

  5. Howard says:

    Noticed the Mustang also had a box fan behind the drivers seat, was that indicating the seat had cooling or a busted seat frame, could have a least duct taped the blue padded cushion to the seat to keep it uniformed.

  6. Steve McGee says:

    Dude, how’d you get a picture of my pink Impala.

  7. Chris says:

    Looks like they need seats from LeBaron Bonney / Ez Boy custom interiors!

  8. ryan patton says:

    Sir would you like an estimate on your top? Why heck no I got at least two more rolls of duct tape you must be crazy, wanting to replace my top!

  9. Sueann says:

    Funny thing is I’ve worked on a mustang like that once– you know how hard it is to get duct tape off?

  10. Luke says:

    Those convertible tops look like something out of tommy boy.

  11. 4Hcustoms says:

    Gulity as charge I had a window busted out. Once had to tape it up for like a month. Until the replacement. Came in

  12. Lauren says:

    Is that last picture of Rudy’s bar in Hell’s Kitchen?

  13. adom says:

    I have a tear in my leather drivers seat
    on my Suburban 1998
    do you have a tape material that could help me??? thanks adom

    • Nadeem says:

      Haha, not unless you want it to look like one of the above pictures. Take your car to an auto upholstery shop and have a professional repair it.

  14. cprcustoms says:

    people and their ducktape!WTF!!!

  15. Retired…I Hate To Admit It , But Most Of That Tape Probably Came From A Mill About Two Blocks From My House. Shuford Mills Industrial, Packaging, & Masking Tapes | Shurtape
    http://www.shurtape.com/My Grandad Worked His Whole Life In There Yarn Mills. Looks Like The Tape Held Up Pretty Well.. Just Kidding About How well The Tape Held.

  16. Jeffrey A Potter says:

    I’m waiting for the auto upholstery ap for duct tape patterns… you take a picture of the pattern you are trying to duplicate and send it to the laser printer that will match the color, pattern, and size font, etc….. so you can tape the ripped portion of whatever piece you’re working on. Next thing out will be fuzzy duct tape!

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