Refinishing Steering Wheels with Rau Corp

Published by Naseem Muaddi on February 5th, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered how old, beat-up steering wheels are refinished in wood and leather, check out this episode of Discovery Channel’s popular television show “How it’s Made”.

The first segment highlights the process through which Rau Corp customizes antique steering wheels. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Rau Corp is the US’ premier shop for OEM-quality veneer restoration, as well as bespoke accessories for modern luxury vehicles.

The segment is only about five minutes long and definitely worth watching.

The Haartz Corporation

3 Responses

  1. tinabanana says:

    that was neat, thx for posting it.

  2. Gjudd says:

    Always amazes me when you give the veneers an old rotten bit of wood with bits missing and it comes back looking absolutely stunning, the price of it is also quite amazing lol

    well worth having a wood veneer company in the contact book as they can also laminate carbon fibre to oem parts.

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