G-Power’s Monochromatic BMW M6

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on March 29th, 2013

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G-Power, a German tuning and restyling company, recently published photos of a BMW M6 with a custom, monochromatic grey-on-grey cabin it’s calling “one of the fastest automobile interiors in the world”.

Describing the M6’s interior, G-Power writes:

The painstaking works carried out by hand by G-POWER craftsmen go far beyond simply upholstering virtually every surface with the finest grades of Kjerba Nappa leather and Alcantara. In contrast to many leather workshops, G-POWER takes the time to reshape the original BMW seat cushions. Only thanks to this unique technology can the distinctive look created by G-POWER be achieved in combination with an optimum synthesis of comfort and lateral grip.

The visual highlight of the G-POWER full leather upholstery created for this G-POWER M6 is the well-balanced material mix of Kjerba Nappa leather, Alcantara and Carbon applications. Stitching on the surfaces of the front seats, rear seats and the door panels are perfectly finished and document the exceptional craftsmanship of the G-POWER interior specialists. G-POWER logos integrated into the seats set tasteful accents in the sophisticated composition of the very finest materials all colored in Iceland grey.

Next to the refinement of the interior itself, the customer has the option to upgrade the vehicle features, as well. For this purpose G-POWER offers individual Entertainment, Infotainment and Business Packages that can be customized according to the customer’s needs. From “mobile office” to “private lounge” including an espresso machine; the sky is the limit.

I’m not typically a fan of single-tone interiors. My first car was a 1978 Chevrolet Caprice that was maroon-on-maroon. Until my father redid the interior with grey inserts, it felt like I was sitting in a tomato. It’s amazing how much depth a bit of color contrast can add to a car’s interior.

That said, I like what G-Power did here. They stuck to one tone, but broke up the monotony with different textures and some fancy stitch work. The fact that it’s all one color adds a bit of low-profile mystery to the cabin – as it’s harder to pick out all the fine details.

Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without top-notch craftsmanship – which this cabin certainly has.

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What do you think? Let’s have a round-table discussion. Share your thoughts on G-Power’s monochromatic BMW M6 interior in the comments section below.

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11 Responses

  1. Ferbs says:

    I really like it. Stitchwork like that using more than one colour could have looked gawdy and overdone. Done all in the same tone I think it looks crisp and classy. Also love how the pattern is carried through from the floor mats all the way to the trunk and doesn’t look like overkill.

  2. I agree with Ferbs. This interior is beautiful

    I love an interior that looks subtle on the surface but the more you look at it you keep finding new details.

    They walked a fine line with the pattern carried out on the seats to the floor mats. Too many times I’ve seen others try it and it looks cheesey but this BMW looks very classy.

  3. rich santana says:

    Nope, not for me. Am I the only one getting tired of Alcantara? Just looking at it is going to get it crazy dirty. IDK, it seems like the lack of color really set off how busy the interior is….

  4. Dominik says:

    Rich santana, I think the only reason u might be getting tired of “alcantara” is because everyone is talking/mentioning it…. I understand exactly what your talking about, BUT I personally like/maybe”love” it, its, idk, expensive(for sure!) But its attractive, is what it really IS. Besides that, dirt? Yea, or HELL YA!, its easy to get dirty… But do you really think that people that can afford these/those kind of interiors&cars work a “dirty” job? Doubtful.. Just my opinion thou, personally, if your a “baller” my personal choice(if I myself could afford it) would be leather from Garrett.

    • rich santana says:

      Dominik, yeah, I get what you’re saying. Here’s the thing about the ‘suede/Alcantara’..when you get out of it, you have to ‘re-nap’ the material or you end up with a negative of your pants, dress, whatever. Really a pain the a$$ when you want to show it off. And then everybody wants to touch the headliner…you have to re-nap that too. I’ve done a few, not impressed. Garrett does have nice stuff, agreed.

  5. Selvage says:

    I agree with Rich Santana.
    That color is going to look like dog doo in no time if the car is actually driven.
    (Hey, Rich, how ya doin? It’s me, Mike J.)

  6. Adam says:

    what the hell are the things sticking out of the front headrests? monitors for the rear passengers???

    • Gjudd says:

      Adam, the headrest go back and forward for comfort, in the picture there in the forward position hence why there not flush with the seat.

      Alcantara in Europe has been used on the high end/high performance cars for 15+ odd years and there’s no sign of it slowing down, i’m a fan myself and like the fact the nap can look all over the place.

      The interior looks bland to me it needs a little pick me up some how, maybe darker stitching? the one thing that does look bland is the steering wheel i think even a metal Gpower centre badge would lift it slighty

  7. Retired.. Ive Always Liked Monocroomaic Colors But Anything With A Nap I Dont. It Would Have Been A Lot Nicer Interior In Leather, Slick Side Out. I Agree With The Car Not Looking So Great After A Couple Years Of Good Use.

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