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Published by Nadeem Muaddi on November 9th, 2013

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Because the auto upholstery industry is small, it’s always big news when someone who share our passion for the craft opens a new shop. Please join us in welcoming Escondido Custom Upholstery in Escondido, CA to the mix.

According to a profile in the Ramona Sentinel, owner and operator Oscar Reyes has been working in auto upholstery for decades. In fact, he’s a second-generation trimmer who learned the craft from his father. After years of toiling in other people’s shops and doing side work of his own, he recently opened his own garage.

Here’s a snippet from the local write up on his new shop:

Reyes will work on boats and furniture, but his specialty is European and American classic automobiles. He said there’s a market for it in Ramona, where he has customers.

For Ramona residents who aren’t quite sold on going “down the hill” to check out the new shop, Reyes said he will meet with people in Ramona on his way into work in the mornings or on his way home in the evenings to provide quotes and other general information.

Although price and location were a big consideration in the couple’s decision not to open in Ramona, Reyes also appreciates the other auto restoration businesses already established in Escondido, saying he is getting referrals for the interior work from some of them.

All work at Escondido Custom Upholstery is done by Reyes, who said he strives for perfection, not just customer satisfaction.

“I am the sole proprietor with no employees, and all the work is done by me,” he said. “Every project is tailor-made…and the attention to detail turns any project into a one of a kind.” [more]

Best of luck to you Oscar! We hope you’ll find great success in pursuing a shop of your own!

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6 Responses

  1. aunc says:

    Welcome to town Oscar. I am in Esco too.

  2. gatar says:

    Holy Cow! If you guys and gals haven’t checked out his webpage and seen some of his work you need to! Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship Oscar!

  3. Hey Oscar! Welcome to The Hog Ring. Nice to have another north San Diego County guy here.

    Although I am in Iowa now, I learned the trade in your neighborhood. I worked for a couple of shops in Escondido when I was younger. There was a guy there by the name of Eduardo who had a shop called European Auto Interiors or something like that in Escondido. That isn’t your dad, is it?

    Anyway, hope to hear more from you.


  4. RitaRivera says:

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    México 1(760)525-5215 US CITISEN

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