Pontiac Stinger: The Most Ridiculous Interior Ever

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on March 12th, 2014

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - 1989 Pontiac Stinger

There’s a reason why not all concept cars make it to production — some are just plain ridiculous. Check out the following commercials for the 1989 Pontiac Stinger, a vehicle marketed as “almost as much a condo as a car.”

In true 80’s fashion, the Stinger featured a neon color scheme and a slew of interior gadgets no one needs, including upholstery made from wet-suit fabric, car seats that double as beach chairs, an ice-chest door panel and removable cassette player.

Also on board this four-wheel drive, dune-buggy monstrosity was a memory armrest, two long-distance cellular telephones, rising back seats, a tool box, multiple storage bins, garden hose, vacuum cleaner, stove and camping table.


An extension cord, binoculars, sewing kit, compass, magnifying glass, umbrella, brush and dustpan and even a calculator were also on board, just not mentioned in the videos.




When the Pontiac Stinger debuted, Popular Science magazine described it as a “Swiss army knife on wheels.” To me, it sounds more like a yard sale on wheels. But I suppose you have to insert yourself into the time period to understand how something this ridiculous could seem so rational.

At the time, Pontiac was struggling to appeal to the under 35 crowd, who were obsessed with Marty McFly and his antics in Back to the Future I and II. Combined with the quickly emerging sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment and a desire to be seen as a design maverick, Pontiac created the Stinger.

Thankfully, car interiors have come a long way since.

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4 Responses

  1. crazyman says:

    Come on Nadeem, it’s a concept car and nowhere
    near the most ridiculous. You gotta go to Big
    Daddy Ed Roth and his ilk for “the most”
    I will agree the Promo for this car IS most

  2. For sure, Big Daddy Ed Roth created some oddball designs. Exterior wise, most especially. But their interiors/upholstery weren’t that off the wall.

  3. Dan Miller says:

    I saw the Pontiac Stinger on your site. Check out the Pontiac Salsa Concept car I upholstered in ’92.
    I did it for the GM Concept Center that was located in Newbury Park, CA
    I also did the the very first GM electric car seats in what they called the “impact”
    I also do the prototype seats for the 84 corvette in 82.
    I’m also currently the upholsterer on Discovery Channels “Rods N Wheels”
    This is a very cool site.
    It there still an Auto Trimmers Association?

  4. Hey Dan welcome to The Hog Ring! I’ve heard a lot about you from Billy Sr. and Jr. They tell me you do some amazing work. It’s really impressive that you’ve upholstered the interiors on so many concept vehicles. That Salsa is pretty wild.

    As for the Auto Trimmers Association, I think it kind of fizzled out after the death of Nat Danas. There has been talk in our forum about reviving it though. Were you a member?

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