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Published by Naseem Muaddi on April 16th, 2012

Need to design a center console for a custom interior? Check out Modern Classic Interiors (MCI), which makes some pretty cool designs. I personally haven’t tried them, but hear good things and will definitely be giving them a shot on my next project car.

MCI offers six different models of consoles – all made from four layers of 1.5 oz. fiberglass and finished with a white gel coat. While some of their consoles are designed for specific vehicles, others are universal fit.

Consoles are available in set dimensions and custom lengths. MCI even says that if you require custom dimensions, they’ll make adjustments for you. What’s more, every console is available with an optional glove box and cup holders.

Of course, the funnest parts are the customizations that you’ll do yourself. Paint the centerpieces or wrap them in leather to match your car’s interior. Add gauges, electronics, power switches and decorate the fascia with metal trim to make the design uniquely yours. The possibilities are endless.

MCI’s prices range from around $250 to $480. For more information, check out

The Haartz Corporation

16 Responses

  1. Steve McGee says:

    I agree, I will probably use them in my next project car. The amount of time they will save me is definitely worth the price tag. Not to mention, they are really nice looking.

  2. Brent Parker Motor Trimming says:

    yeah they look great , certainly something to keep in mind thats for sure

  3. stitcher_guy says:

    Great to know about. They should come in handy.

  4. Jimhowell says:

    Need a console for 55 chevy belair 2door floor shift 4 speed from dash to rear seat

  5. Frank says:

    This guy at mci is a crook sent him money for parts two months ago and haven’t recived my order he hasn’t returned my calls or emails stay away from him….

  6. Frank says:

    This’s man is a crook sent him money for parts two months ago he hasn’t rerun an of my call or emails stay away from him

  7. Parnell says:

    I am interested in a console for a 1968 Firebird

  8. Jim Randles says:

    I saw one of your consoles on Gearz..I have been looking for someone who might make a fiberglass console for a 1957 Chevrolet Belair. It has a 5 speed.Appreciate any info.

  9. JL Sanderlin says:

    I need a long console made for a 1960 ford starliner with bucket seats needs to run from under dash to front of back seat it will hold a radio and ac control panel assemblyI can send you a picture of a pattern if it will help I can be reached at 817 266 3140 thank you Jerry sanderlin

  10. tony says:

    were do you get that real thin grain vinyl they used in the early 60’s console for the fairlane’s and galaxie’s

  11. r c says:

    I have to agree with frank. this guy is a crook. He has been paid & now can’t be gotten ahold of. I have filed a police report & will see what happens from there.

  12. r c says:

    After filing reports with the BBB, the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce & the Fort Wayne PD I have finally received the console that I paid for. There was no invoice or paperwork of any type with the shipment and have still received no communication from Modern or anyone working for them.

    • Gary Leonhardt says:

      I’m unfortunately in the same bind…got my first order 2 months late…like a fool order something else and he won’t return call or respond to e mails…looks like it’s time to file a police report and complain to the BBB. Gary

  13. keith says:

    don’t pay MCI unless you have what you ordered in hand, cashed my check and now he won’t answer the phone or e-mail

  14. Tim says:

    Glad I found these reviews, I was wanting to order a Dash, Door panels and a console for my 73 Camaro, guess I will look at other options.

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