Photo: Nissan’s Water Drop Headliner

Published by Naseem Muaddi on May 29th, 2012

Designed to resemble ripples in a pond, the Nissan Cube’s “water drop” headliner goes down as the coolest headliner I’ve ever seen. While the rippled effect goes against my natural trimmer instincts for a wrinkle-free finish, I just can’t get over how unique it looks.

My only complaint is the Cube’s boring dome light. As the center of attention, you’d think they would have designed a more modern-looking courtesy light.

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6 Responses

  1. Ferbs says:

    Absolutely love it! Love the contrast of it to the “boxiness” of the vehicle. Definitely agree, needs a jazzier dome light.

  2. I agree a round dome seems more of a logical design pattern. And, as far as wrinkles just heat the material up a little and you’ll be fine.

  3. Nadeem says:

    Yeah this looks great. It’s a shame that more automakers don’t take advantage of their headliners to do something really unique. For most, it’s just wasted space…

  4. Jeffrey says:

    The idea is good, but i think this design look`s cheap.
    People come to me with headliners looking like this one . 😉

  5. aunc says:

    Hate to see Nissans price on a replacement for that!Haha!

  6. nacho says:

    When the cube first came out I actually went to nissan to check it out and was like woah!!! when I noticed the headliner lol

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