The Evolution of Convertible Cars

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on June 27th, 2012

For a lot of auto trimmers, convertible top season is the busiest and most stress-inducing time of the year. Long hours, searing heat and impatient customers combine to create a perfect storm of frustration that often leave us wondering why we even bother. Well, that’s how it goes in our shop anyway…

If you can spare a few minutes, check out Popular Mechanics latest pictorial: “The Evolution of the Convertible”. It won’t make fitting a stubborn top any easier, but it will help put things in perspective.

Auto trimmers have been around since before cars had roofs – or even engines for that matter! If summer cruising with the top down is part of our culture and history, so are the professionals who’ve made it possible.

From the engineers who designed them to the trimmers who’ve had to reverse-engineer them, convertible tops have come a long way. The technology may have changed, but we’re as much a part of the story as the vehicles themselves… and that’s pretty cool.

Check out Popular Mechanics‘ “The Evolution of the Convertible“.

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