Wanted: Auto Trimmers for a TV Show

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on May 15th, 2014

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Raw TV

Want to showcase your skills on national — maybe even international — television? Raw TV, the production company behind Discovery Channel‘s hit show “Gold Rush,” has tapped The Hog Ring to help it find auto upholsterers to feature on a new show about cars.

Without giving away too much, we can tell you that the show is a build-off competition, and if picked you’ll get to work on some bad ass rides alongside other talented auto professionals. (Seriously — what more do you need to know?!)

To be considered, simply email cars@raw.co.uk with a little bit about yourself and a link to photos of your best work. Don’t forget to tell them The Hog Ring sent you!

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Raw TV

The Haartz Corporation

20 Responses

  1. Shane Lile says:

    Would be very interested

  2. Retired… Sounds Like You Need Engineers.

  3. Glenn Kramer says:

    Interested, want to hear more about it.

  4. I sent you a brief email.Will wait to hear from you 😉

  5. stitch says:

    Did anyone have their email to the show come back?

  6. Ken says:

    I would appreciate the oppurtunity. Email sent!

  7. Kris says:

    This is defiantly what the industry needs. I am up for the challenge.

  8. Dorian says:

    Has anyone recieved a response?

  9. rich santana says:


  10. Ken says:

    I received an email from a woman named lauren. She asked if i had time to talk and than never called, that was last week.

  11. Jose Cupich says:

    Sin citys best right here

  12. Jeffrey A Potter says:

    This would be great for folks that have a bit of cash set aside to pay the bills while they are getting some marketing exposure . Or for a guy/gal who is presently looking to be busy with work. I would be interested, yet I work 3 jobs to keep paying the bills while my hobby (auto upholstery /car audio ) has taken a back burner in priorities . Love the trade! Skill level! It’s just that I’ve seen a lot of folks that want top dollar work for dollar store prices. The show should definitely help show off some skills but I’m hoping it doesn’t go the way of making people think that you can totally do a car in a 1/2 hour or 2 and pay less than a mortgage payment. I’m not trying to be skeptical, but I do think it has the potential to have more folks hit up the upholstery shops to maybe duplicate or mimic some themes seen on the show. Continuing education on the fly. Would give more credit to the industry . I’d love to see it happen!

  13. frank says:

    Yea…I’m your man!

  14. have already been on American reatorations severl times waiting for ricks truck also done work for rich Harrison 1940 chevy

  15. I would be interested. Sounds like fun.

  16. justin hall says:

    will we get paid for it my shop is so busy and not willing to lose money but if I get paid lets do it.

  17. D.lux says:

    I had like 4 phone interviews and 2 skype video interviews , this wad in the summertime

  18. steve lawrence says:

    in the business I Feel like im as good as anybody

  19. murry says:

    I’m so ready…. check out my site. I do interiors on Barrett Jackson cars for my clients…

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