E-Z On’s Window Bonding System

Published by Naseem Muaddi on December 29th, 2011

In July, we reported on G.A.H.H. Automotive’s new UltraMaxx Window Bonding System – which eliminates the heat seal between the canvas and glass on convertible tops, making it virtually impossible for the back windows on soft-top cars to detach.

Well it looks like another ragtop manufacturer is getting in on the action. E-Z On Auto Tops has recently launched the SGR Maxbond Window System – which pretty much offers the same benefits.

So how do these bonding systems work? Simply by wrapping the top’s canvas around an internal metal support structure and using a bonding agent to adhere a glass window to that frame.

What’s more, E-Z On Auto Tops offers the EWP Window System – which appears to include all the same features as the SGR Maxbond Window System, with the added bonus of a “J shaped profile surrounding the window opening which offers edge wear protection of the topping material”.

These innovations are certainly exciting and revolutionary to the industry, but only time will tell if they’ll last.

It’s hard to estimate just how long it takes for a factory seal to separate, as tops are rarely cared for in the same way.  All I know is that today I replaced a top on a 2005 Ford Mustang that had its window fall out after only six years. It was a shame too because the top’s canvas was in near-perfect condition.

If the Mustang had a SGR Maxbond window, the customer may not have had to replace the top for at least another four or five years. Then again, I might not have made $1,300 yesterday either.

Like UltraMaxx, E-Z On is so confident in its product that it provides a lifetime warranty on the bond between the window and top.

“If the bond between the topping and glass fails or leaks, E-Z On Auto Tops will replace the top to the original purchaser free of charge,” it says.

We want to hear from you:  Do you think these systems will become the new standard for convertible windows? Have you had any experience installing these new tops?  If so, what’s your opinion of them?

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3 Responses

  1. i have used E-Zon tops and had no probablem with the instolation .
    hads a customer to tell me about a life time warenty on a top he could buy [guess ] on the internet . never herd of a lifetime warenty on tops . guess he was refering yo the new glass window seam . sure that is the onley thing that has a life time warenty .

  2. Naseem Muaddi says:

    I agree, if this window bonding system is what they say it is, that would be the only thing carrying the warrenty. There’s no way you can warranty canvas from tearing.

  3. Eugene F Clemens says:

    Is it possible to purchase the window sealant/hardware so that I can reinstall the rear window on my 2002 Audi TT Cabrio my self ?

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