Upholstering Cars in Camel Leather

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on May 19th, 2012

Long gone are the days when camel was just a color – now you can actually upholster cars in their skin! The National recently sat down with Jean-Marie Gigante, French leather-science expert, to talk about the benefits of upholstering in camel leather and where you can get it.

The National writes:

Camel hide…has 10 times as many fibres per square centimetre as cow hide, which helps protect the animal in the extreme environments that it traditionally inhabits. “As a result, you get a leather that is extremely durable and extremely tough, with a higher tear strength than normal leather,” Gigante explains. “You also have a nice pattern that is unique to the animal, which I find extremely attractive.” [more]

Don’t , however, be put off by talk of the leather’s toughness and durability. Camel hides are also available in an “ultra-soft” variation that’s been described as “supple” and “buttery”.

While camel hides are priced about the same as cow hides, they are smaller. They also might cost you an arm and a leg to have delivered. Al Khaznah Tannery, the world’s leading source of high-quality camel hides, is based in Abu Dhabi.

Nevertheless, customers looking to upholster their cars in something truly unique may still be interested. After all, alligator and ostrich are so overdone.

For more information on how to order camel leather, check out Al Khaznah‘s website: www.alkhaznahtannery.com

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4 Responses

  1. Great article Nadeem, I love trimming with new materials. I’d love to experiment with camel leather. Hopefully, we could get some in the U.S.

    • Jean-Marie says:

      Hi Naseem, we can indeed easily airlift required camel over 🙂
      Kindly contact us through our website “alkhaznahtannery.com”. B Regards

  2. Cesar says:

    Thanks for posting these great articles! Very useful information for auto trimmers, enthusiasts and everybody…I’m very impressed how leather technology is growing everywhere.

  3. I am not sure if any of my customers would be interested in using camel for interior but I’d be interested in seeing a sample. If you wouldn’t mind sending me a sample of the material, or possible one of your charts with pricing and choices. I’d appreciate it. I have used alligator & ostrich so far. I personally like good old fashion cow hides but everyone is different and has different styles. Thanks, Eric

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