10 Best Custom Big Rig Interiors

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on August 23rd, 2012

Similar to hot rods and tuners, there’s an entire subculture based on building the biggest and baddest tractor trailers. Their owners are just as – if not more – fanatical than your average car nut. They pull out all the stops and spare no expense when it comes to tricking out their big rigs.

Wanting to learn more about what these folks do to the inside of their trucks, we scoured the internet high and low for photos. Below is a list of the 10 best custom big rig interiors we found. Check it out!

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The Haartz Corporation

4 Responses

  1. jarrale minatee says:

    imma have me one 1 day

  2. Charley J Davis Jr says:

    more more more!

  3. brendan bradshaw says:

    None of those trucks have a great seat to sit on. Try the BOSE chair, then its an awesome ride.

  4. Ron McLellan says:

    I need a custom manual dash built for a 1985 International Eagle Tractor. Speedometer, tach, oil, water, air(2) fuel, voltage, all manual please.

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