Photo: Custom Trike Seat by Danny Gray

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on January 30th, 2013

Speaking of Danny Gray, check out the tube seat he wrapped on this custom trike built by Russ Dueker. The design is wild, though I imagine it’s even less comfortable to sit on than Bastybike‘s laced-leather motorcycle seat.

Nice work though. The cover must have been a real pain in the ass to sew!

For full photos of this one-off trike, visit Motorcycle USA.

The Haartz Corporation

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  1. rich santana says:


  2. Cesar says:

    Very impressive and unique design! but IMHO it lacks of something important that is comfort…imagine sitting on those tubes while riding on the motorcycle…some arrangements would be necessary to make this prototype more comfortable without changing the sense of the design.

  3. DrivenFabMD says:

    WTF?! ive built my fair share of “i dont care what it feel like, just make it look awesome on the bike” seats, but this looks like absolute trash and has to be mostly un rideable…….whats up with he weird pad piece? why not just wrap all the tubes individually and ditch the pad thing, and all the hems for the wraps are different this is a prime example of how phone in a seat, hungover, or possibly still drunk-lol

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