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Published by Naseem Muaddi on April 29th, 2013

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Restylers International, a network of independently owned automobile restyling businesses across the US, has just announced that it’s hosting a free Roadwire Leather Training on June 17 to 19 in Dallas, TX.

The training seminar will cover proper installation techniques for aftermarket leather upholstery kits and seat heaters – skills every auto trimmer needs mastered. However, space is limited to just eight participants, so register today to reserve your spot.

Details from Restylers International’s event flyer state:

‘Hands on’ installation training – we will:

  • Install leather in several vehicles
  • Install seat heaters
  • Cover how to properly wire seat heaters
  • Cover how to deal with air bags, door panels, consoles, etc.

Classroom instruction – will cover:

  • How to sell leather
  • Who to sell leather to
  • How much to charge
  • How much to pay an installer

Attendees may also opt to participate in a Solar Gard Flat Glass Training on June 19 to 20. To register or learn more details about either seminar, click on the link to the flyer above or call toll-free (800) 678-6505.

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  1. Bodnar720 says:

    Haha that will be interesting. I worked for a subsidiary known as classic soft trim, and there procedures of installation education was simply here’s your box of leather… Here’s your car …. Figure it out you have 3 hrs

  2. john paul says:

    Upholstery fitter

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