Introducing Haartz Twillfast CR Convertible Fabric

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on September 3rd, 2014

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Haartz Twillfast CR

Haartz Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of automotive topping fabrics, recently introduced a new soft-top convertible material that every industry manufacturer, supplier and trimmer should know about: Twillfast CR.

The new OEM convertible topping material, which joins Haartz’s extensive line of convertible fabrics, is designed to meet the demand for a convertible top that doesn’t show unsightly creases after being stowed for long periods of time.

Matt Williams, director of business development for Haartz, explains:

“Twillfast CR shares many of the same properties as our Twillfast RPC material. Unique to CR is that it has improved aesthetics following closing after the roof has been stowed for extended periods of time. This product will help minimize the appearance of crease marks on the top and help maintain a high level of customer satisfaction with their soft-top”

Similar to Twillfast RPC, the new Twillfast CR features an acoustically enhanced 3-ply topping with acrylic twill weave facing, rubber inner-layer and Polyester dobby backing. The primary difference is that Twillfast CR utilizes a cease-resistant butyl rubber for its inner-layer.

Look out for Twillfast CR, as well as Haartz’s full line of automotive topping fabrics. Through continued innovation, Haartz is revolutionizing the auto top industry.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m really excited about the new Twillfast CR. The fact that the canvas won’t crease even when the top has been stowed for a long time is revolutionary. I can see this type of canvas really benefiting car owners that have both a soft top and an optional removable hardtop for their vehicles. These drivers tend to keep the soft top stowed all winter long while they drive around with their hardtops installed. Come spring they pull up the canvas top to find creases which can sometimes be permanent.

  2. Sage says:

    the last i bought has a life time warranty on glass and top separation that is greattttttttttttt . made my customer happy . that is all that was wrong with the top . i know of no way to reseal the top to glass . is there anyway ????????

  3. Dear Sage…Unfortunately there is no reliable means by which a customer can repair the glass/PVC or glass/fabric seal on the top. There are too many variables in material construction and the means by which the top was originally manufactured to guarantee success. Our recommendation is to contact the original manufacturer of the top and seek their specific guidance. For more information on care and cleaning of your and your customers’ convertible tops, please visit:

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