Photo: The Ultimate Car Seat?

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on April 27th, 2012

Using the classic upholstery fabric Hallingdal 65, German design studio BLESS created this awesome car-themed pillow seat for a furniture fair held in Milan last week. We’re seriously impressed.

For more vehicle-themed chairs, check out David Clark Designs – a studio that refashions actual car seats into household furniture.

The Haartz Corporation

4 Responses

  1. tip says:

    Neat I wonder how big it is.

  2. Nadeem says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include that fact. It’s life size.

  3. Nacho says:

    now this is interesting… He just gave “air ride” and “soft ride” a new meaning… Very cool.

  4. Dandrey Customs says:

    That is amazing work, but I would have liked to see them put the wheels inside the fenders instead of stuck on the outside.

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