First iPad Mini Installed in Car Dashboard

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on November 14th, 2012

Despite just hitting store shelves, the Apple iPad mini has already found its way into a car’s interior. Sound Waves, a mobile electronics shop in Tampa, FL, is the first to custom fabricate a vehicle’s dashboard to fit the device.

The fabrication process, which you can see via photos on Sound Waves‘ website, looks pretty straightforward. The shop, however, also rigged the iPad to run on the car’s sound system and tap into its internet connection. Drivers with this set up can browse Facebook, listen to Pandora radio or watch Netflix movies in their car.

It all sounds pretty cool,  though I’d much rather prefer that drivers pay attention to the road.

The Haartz Corporation

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  1. Andy B says:

    Pretty awesome, but I feel it’s a tribute to car mans car audio as they carved the fortitude into this era by doing this with iPad 2’s

  2. Andy B says:

    Haha sorry thanks to auto correct on the iPhone I meant sound man

  3. I agree, SoundManCarAudio is the innovator of this.

    I like the idea. It’s a smart alternative to the costly and hard-to-use multimedia systems that automakers offer. Plus, you can download more apps and upgrade to the latest iPad when it’s released.

  4. Gjudd says:

    I’ve seen a ipad 2 hard mounted in the dash before but there just a little to big, the ipad mini looks great, i like the tilt and slide!

    As well as all the the normal stuff you can do on the pad maps,music,tv,video, google etc etc you can get OBD port readers so all the information of the ecu can be displayed on the ipad which is great if you run a modified car plus it looks neater than having dials doted here and there….ummm

    Dear santa….LOl

  5. Rick Z says:

    This is the first I-pad I have seen, but is not a new idea. The Ford Sync has many of the same features. And the reason it doesn’t have them all is due to driver distraction. The manufactures are struggling with driver awareness of the road. In all they did a pretty nice job of installing the I-Pad, I give them credit for their innovation.

    • Gjudd says:

      As you say manufactures done the same thing ages ago BUT with a ipad it allows you to do more or less…what evey you wont!, your not tide to a out of date crap system!

      At the end of the day i could flick through a ipad much easier/quicker than fumbling around with nobs on a auto stereo trying to find a track of my ipod…

  6. tinabanana says:

    ive seen a few Ipads installed and thought they were too big for some interiors. these minis are just right for this type of install.

  7. CAZ says:

    We installed an IPad mini in a VW Polo last October as à demo-install for the 100% Tuning Fair at Rotterdam

  8. I really like the slide in feature, very nice finished look.

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