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Published by Nadeem Muaddi on January 27th, 2015

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Sew It Seams Interiors

Custom leather supplier Relicate Leather Collection recently launched an interview series that aims to help us “get to know the people behind the sewing machines.” Like our own “10 Questions” series, the interviews provide insight into the backgrounds, inspirations and ambitions of our peers.

The first auto upholsterer to be profiled for the series is Scott Zielinski of Sew It Seams Interiors in Erie, Pennsylvania. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we recently highlighted a collaboration he did with Josh Laird of Relicate Leather in an article titled: “Putting The Hog Ring Design Studio to Good Use.”

Here’s an excerpt from the interview that a lot of auto upholsterers — especially those grinding two jobs — can relate to:

You have a day job. Would you like to one day do upholstery full time?

While I work as a Design Engineer for a global manufacturing company, I just can’t push myself to take that “big step.” I have a growing family that needs a stable household income and I need retirement $$$$$. I have witnessed people who are in the automotive industry and how they have hand great hardships in their careers and that makes me gun shy.

How do you manage doing both?

The balance is hard but what helps me is I’m private. I have a few key clients that keep me more than busy and they know my situation, so evening and weekends work for them. I have been growing that clientele as of late, and that’s creating its’ own bit of stress, but I’m hopeful it will pay off. I’m focusing on building relationships that will aid me in creating stability, so if I am to go full time, it will be a seamless transition.

To read the full interview Scott of Sew It Seams Interiors, visit Relicate Leather. To see photos of his work, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Retired… Welcome To The Club.My Dad Edward Munday Also, Worked As An Upholster For Numerous Furniture Manufacturing Plants In the Hickory N. C. Area Whyle Trying To Start Several Times Trim Shops In The Area. In 1984 He Went Full Time And Opened A 3 Bay Shop In Hickory. He Ran The Shop With My Help Until He Passed Away In 1998. During The Time He Was Trying To Go Full Time He Worked As A Heavy Equipment Operator Which Is What He Used His GI Bill Money For Schooling In . Upholstery Has Its Ups And Downs So Much That Its Very Hard To Get Things Rolling In The Right Direction Especially When Money Wont Be Allocated For Such Nonsence According To Some Banks In the Past. But Now with Everyone With One To Ten Credit Cards A Person With Good Credit Can Basicailly Start Whatever Bussiness They Want. Yet We Are Taught From A Young Age Not To Have Debt To Any Man.

  2. Josh says:

    What a nice surprise guys. Thanks so much for posting this. You guys are great! -Josh

  3. Great article! I found the article particularly interesting because I too am one of those that has a day job. I work afternoons (2-10:30) and 1-2 NOC shifts (10pm-6:30AM) a week at a nursing home (yes, completely unrelated, I know!) but am at the (new) shop before the sun comes up trying to turn a skill into a sustainable income that allows me to not have to work 60-70 hours a week over there like I have been. Thanks for the good read!

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