Cadillac Introduces Vibrating Car Seats

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on April 3rd, 2012

With seat heaters, coolers, lumbar and back supports and even massagers found in today’s car seats, it seems like auto upholsterers will soon have to become certified electricians in order to fix a simple cigarette burn. Well, it’s about to get even more complicated. Cadillac has just announced that its 2013 XTS and ATS sedans, as well as its SRX crossover, will feature vibrating driver seats.

The new technology, which is part of Cadillac’s optional Driver Awareness and Driver Assist package, is a safety feature designed to warn drivers of collision threats by sending a vibrating pulse through the driver-side seat cushion.

The New York Times explains:

The seat generates vibrations on the left or right side of the seat to warn the driver of a potentially dangerous situation on either side of the car. Simultaneous vibration on the left and right warn of threats detected at the front or rear of the vehicle. Situations that might trigger the warning include drifting out of a lane toward another vehicle or failing to notice a rear or forward object when parking. Other visual alerts will reinforce the warnings.

The system senses the proximity of other cars or objects through various sensors and cameras that relay information to a control computer, which determines if a warning is necessary. The cameras also assist during parking duty. [more]

Raymond Kiefer, an active safety technical fellow for General Motors, equates the sensation given off by the vibrating seat to someone tapping you on your shoulder to get your attention – only it’s tapping you on the bum.

Of course this technology is not new. Vibrating steering wheels have been in use for quite some time. However, Cadillac is the first automaker to install it in car seats.

For our sake, let’s hope disabling the technology so that we can make foam and seat cover repairs is as simple as pulling another plug.

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3 Responses

  1. John says:

    Makes you feel like your riding in a Pinto now. For those that are not use to luxury but won the lottery, and can now afford it. Lol!

    • Nadeem says:

      I remember when the only safety feature cars came equipped with were seat belts. But those cars were long, heavy and made from real metal. They could take a hit.

  2. 4Hcustoms says:

    It amazes me how we keep letting these companies. Make these gizmos that will tell us when were about to get into a wreck, tell us when to stop, when to go, were to go, and so on. Pretty soon we wont be able to hold people accountable for causing wreck.

    Get back to the basics, I don’t want to go back to school just to take a car seat out. I would rather them spend money on how the vehicle will hold up hitting a gard rail at 60, then keepping my tail end warm.

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