The Vilner Land Rover Defender Wood

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on April 23rd, 2012

The Land Rover Defender, already renown for its luxurious interior, has been revamped by Bulgarian automotive interior design studio Vilner to make its cabin fit for a sheikh. Not surprisingly, the cabin is cloaked in fine leather – from its seats to its sun visors – and stitched together with the highest quality craftsmanship. However, what really make this Defender stand out is its unique and beautiful wood flooring.

Vilner explains:

This is the latest evidence which shows that the guys from studio “Vilner” are able to transform everything wheeled to luxury. The interior has been covered in brown and black, using Nappa and Alcantara. There is leather on the doors, the dashboard, the new sport seats, the grips on the headliner and the sun visor. The sun visor has been covered with Alcantara; the same applies to the rear view mirror and the third brake light. The shapes on the leather, the new elbow rest and the bottom of the seats reflect an athletic vigor, and the “piano lacquer” subtlety. The decision about the floor is eccentric – wooden decoration, a motive that embellishes the rear arm rest. The speedometer on the dashboard has the same color as the interior. The Vilner Sound System takes care about the amusement of the passengers: a multimedia system with power of 600W and 15-inch LCD screen connected to the DVD-player has been installed. And of course – the car cab has been soundproofed.

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  1. Dom says:

    I hope I qualify for the weekly giveaway, as I love your guys website which is very helpful to me and I’m sure to many other trimmers out there. This is the first post I have commented on, but here it goes. This isnt the first wooden floor in a luxury automobile, as I’m sure you guys are aware of that, the seats themselves are pretty nice no doubt in my mind, but the checker stitching is a copy from Braubus. And as I’m sure the interior job cost(labor) sure was expensive, and would love to know exactly just about how much, because just from looking at the pictures I have already spotted one big screw up which in my opinion is not acceptable. Center console, black leather checker stitching, look closely at the driver side picture and the passanger side, just thought I’d point it out. P.S. Pictures always hide flaws more so then when visually inspecting interiors in person. Love you guys!

  2. You’ve got a good idea Dom! I didn’t notice that untill you pointed it out.

    Other than that I think the interior is beautiful and I love the hardwood floors. I like the design of the seats but they just don’t look very comfortable.

  3. Nadeem says:

    Yeah – great eye Dom! I hadn’t noticed that.

    We’re not giving away a prize for best comment this week – but will in May. Please keep commenting. You’re input is right on point!

  4. Steve McGee says:

    The seats do look a little flat in my opinion but the detail in the stitching is pretty impressive. They even included a leather cover over the seat belt latch.

    Maybe you could help me out on the center console thing. I don’t see what is wrong with it.

  5. Nacho says:

    I think it would personally look better without all the squares… If they would had kept the squares straight like the door panels, it would visually look better, less crowded. Sound system… The AMPS are Ground Zero… Ground Zero was a company who use to make speakers by order, first company to come out with the HUGE LIP!!! I had two tens fiberglassed on my 96 civic back in 96 and was able to do 146 SPL with a 1200 watt kenwood amp, good system

  6. Nick says:

    I think you guys are wrong about the “big screw up” and “flaw” regarding tthe front armrest console. You were comparing the front console to a rear one. They look similar but not exactly take a closer look. Take a lokk at the second picture that was taken from the driver’s side and compare it to the fifth picture taken from the passenger side and you’ll see that they are exactly the same. The picture you were refering to was the rear armrest console. Please note it has two round sear heaters’ switches. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. Gjudd says:

    we just had a customer drop of a defender with armed with theses pictures.

  8. Gjudd says:

    That meant to say armed with these pictures!

    Nadeem Muaddi, these land rovers are shockingly built !..the design has’nt changed for god knows how many years! i think you’ve got your land rovers and range rovers mixed up lol

    • What do you mean Gjudd?

      • Gjudd says:

        Your opening sentence..”The Land Rover Defender, already renown for its luxurious interior”

        These defenders are built for one thing and thats to go off road, the interiors are so basic and poorly built its quite shocking really, notice it still has rear window winders? infact electric front windows are quite a new thing on them!

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