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Published by Nadeem Muaddi on July 23rd, 2013

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Trash Bag Convertible Top

Convertible tops can be pricey to repair, which is why some car owners go to great lengths to avoid auto upholstery shops. Instead of having professionals return their cars to top shape, these folks choose the more humiliating DIY route.

We’ve seen drivers fix their convertible tops with wood, duct tape and even umbrellas. But this trash-bag drop top takes the cake.

The cameraman who spotted this work of art explains:

“I would have got a full picture of this fine LeBaron convertible but it’s owner spied me examining its repair and came out. This thing covers all the bases for a white trash repair: Duct tape, Great Stuff Expanding Foam, TWO kinds of caulk – the clear and white kind. In addition to it’s brown ‘platique’ top. There is actually a specific name the brown plastic but it’s name eludes me at the current time.”

Of course, the great irony in DIY hatchet jobs like this one is that the damage caused to other parts of the car due to a faulty repair ultimately ends up costing drivers more money in the long run than it would have been to just fix their cars correctly the first time around.

When customers like this do ultimately make it to your shop, be sure to install an Electron Top or Kee Auto Top. Not only do they sponsor The Hog Ring, helping keep this website up and running for the entire auto upholstery community, but they also manufacture quality tops.

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4 Responses

  1. Retired…It Amaze’s Me What People Will Do To Save There Vehicles. They Just Dont Like Giving Up There Money I Suppose Or Dont Have It. Just Think They Probably Borrowed Money To Buy The Car Yet Wont Or Cant Borrow Money To Keep It In Tip Top Shape. I Mean We All Have To Get Our Cars Inspected In Good Ole North Carolina To Make Shure The Lights Work The Brakes The Emmisions System, Before You Get Your Yearly Tag Which Permits You To Drive For A Year.. Yet Nothing Is Said About Your Paint Your Upholstery , Or The Convertable Tops. Just So Long As The Horn Blows The Lights Work The Wipers And The Breaks Stop You And You Dont Smoke Like A Fraight Train Your Good To Go. Thanks A Lot State Inspection Stations For Allowing So Much Junk On The Highway. Just Think That Top Could Have Blown Off At The Right Speed. Which Reminds Me Of A Triumph Spitfire I Purchased Once The Man Who Owned It Had Tried Instaling A New Top Whyle i Was Driving It Home The Whole Front Edge Came Loose on The Top Frame And Back She Went.

    • Sis says:

      So this was taken back in 2013 guess what I’m the owner of the vehicle and yes I did have money to fix it you caught it at the time that I used tarp to cover it up so it wouldn’t get rain on the inside and you need to be sued for s*** like this maybe I will be contacting you soon and further more for anybody else’s opinions out there I could care less the car has been sold and has been totally restored Thank you and one more thing the car was bought and paid for I didn’t borrow the money

      • sewlow says:

        That’s a bit more than a “tarp to cover it up”.
        Duct tape! Expanding foam! 2 types of caulk!
        What I’d like to know, though…
        Whom are you gonna sue?
        The person that took the picture?
        The person that posted it?
        For what? Defamation of character? Copyright infringement?
        That ‘repair’ was in the public eye for all to see as you drove it.
        Any ridicule that you feel you may be suffering from, is self-induced!
        Restored? That’s the funny statement in your whole diatribe!
        FWD H-body LeBaron’s were/are an insult to the coachbuilder ‘LeBaron’ & their original luxury vehicle designs of the ’20’s & ’30’s.
        Nothing more than toss-away appliances.
        No-one should borrow money for such!
        Restored? Totally? Lol! Foolishness. Why?
        The ‘restoration’ costs in labour alone would outweigh the vehicle’s value 10x over. Probably more!
        Curious as to what you’re driving now. Got pix?

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