Lear Corporation Puts Car Seats on the Runway

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on November 27th, 2013

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Lear Corporation Fashion Show

If there was any doubt over the growing connection between the automotive and fashion industries, Lear Corporation – which, like Faurecia and Johnson Controls, manufactures car seats – recently staged a fashion show in which models strutted down the runway in outfits made of vehicle upholstery before striking a pose beside car seats.

NBC News explains:

Lear used a fashion show at Detroit’s flashy Fillmore Theater to unveil a new line of fabric and leather concept car seats, and the talents of the aforementioned designers. […]

The show also gave Lear a chance to showcase the talent of the young designers it has recruited in recent years to work on vehicles. To showcase its new products, the design team used fashion models wearing items of clothing including evening gowns, leather jackets and sportswear made entirely from the materials developed by Lear and its subsidiaries.

“All of these are made from automotive leather,” said Rachael Beresh, a designer in Lear’s Southfield, Mich., studio who joined the company two years ago. She showed off a seat design dubbed Rebel Shred and high-fashion leather jacket made of the same material that was carefully pieced together with nearly invisible thread.

The idea was to show off the craftsmanship that Lear can bring to designing a seat for a future vehicle, Beresh said. [more]

Corny? Maybe. But at least they didn’t play a remixed version of Right Said Fred’s “Too Sexy” (for my car?).
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  1. […] Seriously, denim as a car seat covering? Who dreamed up that brilliant idea? Denim doesn’t exactly embody the term comfort and isn’t known for being a durable fabric. Even worse, since denim poses a fire hazard, upholstery in cars such as the AMC Gremlin was made from spun nylon designed to look like denim. The takeaway from this trend is that car designs should never be fused with clothing fashions. […]

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