The Hog Ring Design Studio: Full Generic Interiors

Published by Naseem Muaddi on May 8th, 2014

Auto Upholstery - The Hog Ring - Design Studio

Last month we launched The Hog Ring Design Studio, a growing collection of vehicle interior renderings that lack color and detail, but provide a solid foundation for you to experiment on top of with various color schemes and stitch patterns. Our first two renderings were of a generic bucket seat and bench seat. This month we’ve added two new illustrations to complement them.

To show customers how your vision for their seats will tie in with the rest of their cabin, we’ve provided you with two renderings of a full generic car interior. With the exception of one featuring front bucket seats and the other a bench seat, the illustrations are exactly the same. Best of all, they’re left blank in all the right places — allowing you to draw your own designs for seat inserts, door panels, kick panels, dashboard and package tray.

The Hog Ring’s goal to simplify the customer consultation process by providing every auto upholstery shop with the opportunity to produce professional vehicle interior renderings. So please visit our Design Studio to download, print and use them — and look out for next month’s additions!

The Haartz Corporation

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  1. mordachai says:

    Thanks so much for making these line drawings available. I generally make sketches on my own, but these could also be used to help a customer convey what they want to their trimmer. even a poorly drawn sketch from a client can help point the project in the right direction for everyone involved.

    • Glad you find the renderings so helpful! We’d love for customers to start using them as well. Like you said, it could help point trimmers in the right direction.

      We keep printed copies on hand at our shop for both us and our customers to use. Whenever customers have a hard time explaining their ideas, we hand them one along with a box of color pencils and ask them to get sketching. They love it!

  2. JB Bowling says:

    The design studio is such an awesome idea! ive almost always done a rendering when doing a full interior cause alot of times it helps the customer to see exactly whats gonna be done, and it also helps you as the fabricator/trimmer to see your ideas ahead of time so you can see the flaws as well as what anything you woud want to increase more.

    with the design studio, that saves a ton of time especially when a customer walks in and throws ideas at you. i no longer have to walk outside, take a picture of their interior and sketch it out from there. now i just have the printed off and stocked up so it makes it quick and easy.

    i cant wait to see every month the other roughed designs yall come out with!

    • Thanks for the kind words JB. We’re happy to hear you dig the “Design Studio.” The next time you use one of our illustrations to design an interior, we’d love to see the sketch and the final product!

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