David Clark Designs: Car Furniture

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on November 13th, 2011

If you find that your car seat offers way more lumbar support than ordinary home furniture, you’re in luck. David Clark Designs (DCD) has unveiled a line of automotive furniture that brings the experience of sitting in the driver’s seat into your living room (or man cave).

You guessed it: car seats turned home furniture.

The idea may not be original, but the execution is spectacular. Combining innovative and practical engineering with first-rate upholstery work, DCD transforms a tacky concept into something hip.

And with chairs inspired by Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Bentley, Infiniti and Porsche, there’s something for everyone (with high-class taste).

If, however, you’re not into high-end sports cars – that’s okay. DCD will customize any seat you want – including the one in that busted ’86 Chrysler LeBaron you love so much.

It will cost you though. Seats in DCD’s range can run anywhere from $630 to $1,200.

Not cheap, but still less expensive than having Dirty Platinum convert your dirty old seat covers into a leather jacket.

To check out the full range of seats in DCD’s collection, check out David Clark Designs. While there, get a load of their sports-car-inspired coffee tables too.

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8 Responses

  1. Nicely Done by David Clark ! good work..

  2. Nadeem says:

    Right on Bicycle Saddle!

    Some comments written about this blog post in another upholstery forum.

    MinUph: Now that is pretty cool. I’m sure they are more comfortable than the standard chairs of today.

    bobbin: Any amount of thought tells you those chairs must be incredibly comfortable! The major manufacturers put a ton of money and brainpower into seating that’s comfortable and designed for safety within an automobile. The tricky part about repurposing it for use in a home is what sort of support structure you design for it.

    Very cool.

    SHHR: I thought of doing something like this a while back, My mistake was telling my wife and being accused of being the uber redneck wanting to sit on car seats in the house. I’ll show her these pics and see if she changes her mind. – Kyle

    kodydog: Yeah, definitely a man cave chair.

    fragged8: been going on in the UK for years.

    check out Top Gear on youtube it’s an english car program
    when they have the guest chat section they are sitting on a leather
    interior from an old Jaguar i think.

  3. […] more vehicle-themed chairs, check out David Clark Designs – a studio that refashions actual car seats into household furniture. No Comments […]

  4. Gilbert Hicks says:

    Them things are cool great work.

  5. Nacho says:

    speechless… reminds me of the old 57 belaire trunk couch/beds of the 80’s but with a way better twist of class, luxury and taste…

  6. RETIRED…Would Look Very Cool In An Auto Trim Shop Or In A Car Dealesrhip Office. Id put Them In My Home If Nothing Else As a Conversation Piece. Remeber SSHR Men Are From Mars And Women Are From God Only Knows Where.

  7. Stewart moss says:

    Can you pls send me the sizes pls of the chair in the wooden frame with scaffold clamps pls

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