Top 10 Wacky Car Interiors

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on January 17th, 2012

We auto upholsterers have seen it all – from customers’ makeshift gadgets to duct tape repairs and even DIY projects gone horribly wrong. However, every once in a while we get a job request that floors us with how ridiculous it is. You know the type: you want to do the job because it’s fun and pays well, but at the same time don’t want your shop’s name attached to it.

Below are photos of 10 such projects. They range from the tasteless to the absolutely bizarre. We didn’t do the work ourselves, but found the pictures online. If you’ve worked on a similar project and want to feature it on The Hog Ring, feel free to email us pictures. If you’d prefer we not publish your shop’s name, we completely understand…



For more crazy car interiors, check out “Top 10 Wacky Car Interiors – Part 2“, as well as “10 Duct Tape DIY Upholstery Disasters” – they’re a riot!

The Haartz Corporation

10 Responses

  1. gary says:

    Sometimes even the customer isnt right!

  2. Peppy says:

    My daughter is begging me for a Hello Kitty car. Good thing she’s only four.

  3. Nadeem says:

    Haha – some great comments! Below are a few from The Hog Ring‘s Facebook Page. We’ll have to agree with Rod Thompson on this one…

    Karen Edwards: I’ll take the Hello Kitty car.

    Recovery Room Interiors: Thats just gross

    Rod Thompson: Whew, none of mine made the top ten

    Rob Whiteman: WOW.

  4. stitcher_guy says:

    Gotta admire the creativity even if the taste is questionable. The lowrider, button-tufted work is very good from the show car standpoint. That’s how they do them.

  5. NoWay Jose says:

    what is going on with that furry astro-turf station wagon? It looks like something Dr. Seuss would drive!

  6. ed wolford says:

    you have to start somewhere the first seat I did was in duct tape

  7. robert morris says:


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