Kia Motors’ Justice League Fleet

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on February 15th, 2013

Kia Motors and DC Entertainment have joined forces to create a one-off fleet of Justice League-inspired vehicles that combine automotive style with comic book art. The cars are touring the United States as part of the We Can Be Heroes campaign, which aims to alleviate hunger in the Horn of Africa.

While the cars aren’t groundbreaking, they are cool – especially if you grew up on comic heroes like Superman and Green Lantern. Here’s a sneak peak at their interiors:

Flash-inspired Kia Forte Koup

Aquaman-inspired Kia Rio

Batman-inspired Kia Optima

Cyborg-inspired Kia Forte

Green Lantern-inspired Kia Soul

Superman-inspired Kia Optima Hybrid

As with most theme cars, you’ll need to see the whole thing to get the full effect. Many of them feature sweet body kits and eye-catching wraps. Seriously, check out the grill on the Batman Optima. It’s bad ass!

To see more photos – as well as build videos, visit Built for Justice. While there, consider making a donation too. It’s for a good cause.

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4 Responses

  1. That’s sweet! I like the superman interior the most. The pattern on the seats is awesome!

  2. aunc says:

    These are just begging to be in an episode of Big Bang Theory!

  3. Neil Malone says:

    Wow those cars are definitely something, that’s for sure! Having grown up on super hero comics, I’d have a really hard time picking my favorite of the bunch. They all seem to match the personalities of the characters they represent.

  4. mike Ratski says:

    how can i buy he batman seat covers for my lexus sc400

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