Tony Miller Wins our Gedore Scissors Giveaway

Published by Naseem Muaddi on February 7th, 2017

The Hog Ring - Tony Miller Wins our Gedore Scissors Giveaway

Congratulations to Tony Miller of Stitches Custom Auto Upholstery in Bremerton, Washington, for winning our Gedore Craftsman Scissors giveaway, sponsored by KC Tool.

An incredible number of trimmers from all over the world entered the contest by tagging #TheHogRing and #KCTool in photos of their scissors on Instagram and Facebook. To keep things fair, we placed everyone’s name in a bowl and picked out one lucky winner.

Of course, we couldn’t end the contest without giving a shout out to some of the funniest and most creative photos submitted. There were so many, but below are five of our most favorite:

When the riding lawnmower strikes!! #thehogring #kctool #rustedmetal #mangledshears #shopmadness

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@thehogring #thehogring @kc_tool #kctool I have collected over 50 pairs of scissors in my shop over the 3 years of being a upholster but this pair by far is my favorite and most meaningful gift i was given at my wedding. its was given to me by my older sister who i am very close with. She was a strong supporter and influence to me when growing up and her acknowledging my new love for Upholstery meant so much. these pair of scissors are 100+ years old. A good friend @padesignz also had some influence on this gift he built the custom box specificly for this pair of scissors and sharpen them to be as good as the day they were made. thank you so much phil and thank you to my awesome sister for always being the best sister a little brother could ask for.

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The shop scissors #thehogring #kctool

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To learn more about Gedore’s Craftsman Scissors, read our review.

Thanks to KC Tool, America’s #1 German tool distributor, for sponsoring this awesome giveaway. To purchase your own Craftsman Scissors, visit

Stay tuned to The Hog Ring for more awesome contests and giveaways!

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