The Nissan GT-R Custom Interior Showdown

Published by Nadeem Muaddi on February 7th, 2013

It’s always interesting to see how different auto upholstery shops approach the same interior. We already showed you Carlex Design‘s take on the Nissan GT-R, now checkout what Vilner has done.

This GT-R cabin features all the hallmarks of a Vilner project – Alcantara suede and leather galore, a beautifully hand-stitched steering wheel and an endless stream of French-seam diamond pleats. Topping it all off is a one-of-a-kind combination diamond-pleat/starlight headliner.

This, of course, isn’t Vilner‘s first custom GT-R. In 2012, the Bulgarian auto upholstery shop designed a serpent-themed model featuring dragon-scale pleats. Its interior was also red and black; and trimmed in Alcantara and leather.

Both Carlex Design and Vilner are renowned for their craftsmanship, but which did a better job with the Nissan GT-R? You be the judge…

What do you think? Let’s have a round-table discussion. Take a good look at Carlex Design‘s Nissan GT-R custom interior and compare it to the photos above. Considering such factors as design, craftsmanship and originality, which shop do you think pulled off the better interior?

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12 Responses

  1. I prefer the Vilner design. Easy on the eyes, has the high end look of the rest of the car. I wonder how long until the diamonds will be something people want replaced..

  2. I also prefer the Vilner. have always liked the diamond pleat. But, the Carlex steering wheel is amazing…

  3. Both vehicles are impeccably trimmed. For me it comes down to taste.

    Carlex’s steering wheel is gorgeous, and I love the hexagon pattern laser burned into its Alcantara. However, I can’t seem to get past it’s tri-color-combination. The colors are bright. The contrast hurts my eyes and makes the cabin look too busy.

    Vilner’s stitch work is nice, but it borders on diamond-pleat overkill. Fortunately, the red and black compliment each other in such a way that it doesn’t make my eyes bug out. Had they used a brighter contrast thread, it would have done just that. Still, I absolutely love the headliner – very original to combine pleats with starlight tech.

    If I had to choose between the two, I’d take the Vilner. Though, I imagine, the Carlex would give it a run for its money with a more understated color palette.

  4. They both did a great job but I’m going with Carlex Design. I’ve never been a fan of diamond pleats

  5. tinabanana says:

    i was never crazy about those starlight headliner, but with the big seperation in between it looks nice. overall i like this one better, the back seat overloads on diamond pleats a bit tho. i want that steering wheel in my truck!

  6. Cesar says:

    It is very difficult for me to choose which one is the best. I think both master pieces are excelent in its own and particular style without altering the OEM structures of the car interior…I’d like to add a big thanks to Nadeem for posting these inspiring pictures from such a renowned auto upholstery shops!

  7. stichn says:

    I’m going with Vilner on this one. Even though I am not a big fan of diamond pleats, I think his execution and finish are better than the Carlex design.

  8. Jarrett Lott says:

    Who did the upholstery with the starliggt headliner? I would like my gtr done by them, please.

  9. I am redesigning a 1971 Morgan +8 and need seats and upholstery. I have complete dimensions, pictures, etc., of what is required. Please call or email me ASAP.

  10. Mike says:

    Hi. I want to do that on my Nissan Skyline R35. How much does it cost? Thanks

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